Novak Contractors | About us
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About us

Novak Contractors is a fast growing company established to work with a difference when it comes to delivering property refurbishment or maintenance services. Nestled in the Welwyn Garden City in London’s Hertfordshire County, our job is to provide all types of services essential for fulfilling any kind of building or carpentry requirements as efficiently and promptly as possible. Set up in 2013, our team has managed to gain enough praises and goodwill due to consistency and dedication shown while rendering services.

Our Values


  • Safety
  • Transparency
  • Politeness
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Dedication
  • Trust


These values are our pillars that help us in delivering services that our customers love to have!


Our Staff


We only employ qualified technicians who have all the essential permissions and know how to deliver services with utmost care to ensure satisfaction and safety of the customers. This is certainly based on our goal. They also strive to ensure that the proposed solution is as per the customer’s needs as well as expectations, which encourages them to focus chiefly on flexibility, face-to-face discussion, and thorough assessment of the requirements put forward.


The team is also experience enough to offer professional advice apart from the expert execution of delegated tasks. Their long-term presence in the market has helped us gained a high standard of reliability through advanced solutions and technologies. It is also the reason of the company’s recognition and reputation gained by diverse customers.


When you employ or hire one of our technicians or expert for any building or carpentry work, we assure that you can relax and enjoy our hassle-free service, as the pro at work is highly knowledgeable. They are fully endorsed in their domain of expertise, arrive on time, and are courteous to get your job done by adhering to the highest professional standards.


Our customers are just a call away from us!


Our Inspiration

It is a fact that intense growing competition in the consumer market along with their increasing expectations call for more prompt, efficient, and guaranteed service. By coupling this fact with the diverse requirements, it is easy to conclude that property refurbishment services need to be personalized. This has inspired us to set up this company to offer installation, repair, maintenance, and planning/designing services for refurbishing a property that can be a home, office, school, clinic, or anything else.

Our Vision

“Get safely modern and smartly efficient!”

This is our vision for our customers! It acts as the concrete foundation based on which we have set our priority, goal, and values. Our vision is perhaps the base of our reputation earned in a short period from our London customers.

Our Priority Defines our Goal

Our priority is totally on ‘beyond satisfactory customer service’ by achieving and implementing technical excellence in fulfilling any need, problem, or emergency requirement. Keeping this in mind right from the company’s inception, we have set our goal to render professional services and safety guaranteed solutions for renewing homes, public/private buildings, apartments, and offices. This also encourages us to be on our toes to use equipment and tools only from reputable brands.

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